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Theatrical acting is quite different than acting in front of the camera. 

On the stage, you projectyour voice for every single person in the audience...all the way to the back row...to hear your every word. 

On the camera, your acting expressions and words spoken can be as low as a literal whisper if your character calls for such but it is heard crystal clear on the screen. 

Your expressions appear natural on the screen and are exaggerated on the stage.

With your lines memorized and ready to go and act them out, come on the set ready. Have fun with it and make it a wonderful experience. Be ready for your call times and your cues. Listen to what works and does not work from the Director’s notes to you. Be open for the varying possibilities. Sometimes you can wow those on set with your revelations and there are also times where the Creative Boss (Director), too, will see things and give you a direction to operate in which will bring about your best performance yet! Be open to the possibilities! It will allow for a better production.