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Backstory for the Main Characters

Have a blast as you create some unique, loveable or defying characters.  If they are just like you and me then we as an audience will get bored with them really fast and turn the channel or not recommend that others go see that movie.  Once your storyline has some form to it, create clearly definable characters who will keep our attention because of their unique or clearly identifiable quarks.  Most stories have numerous characters, but in the midst of all the faces, there are at least TWO main characters in each story.  These include:

THE PROTAGONIST (GOOD GUY): This character is the one who "saves the day", "finds the cure that will save the world", "takes the bad guy out," "saves a planet"...etc. etc.

THE ANTAGONIST (BAD GUY): This character's job is to stop the protagonist from reaching his/her goal at all costs.

These two main characters who are in opposition do not have to wear all white and all black clothing in the story. They could be: husband and wife (Sleeping with the Enemy); sister and brother; parent and child; friend and friend; co-workers; twins; etc., etc.

Even more cleverly, a person with a split personality...where one of his personalities wants to take out the other side of him/her or one personality gets his business deals and/or relationships and his other personality demolishes these very same arrangements/operations. Are you all getting any ideas as you read this? If so, great!  Say the Protagonist has a set amount of time to get married, to earn his father's inheritance. On the other side of this, he can't keep a job nor a roof over his head. There is a gal that he loves deeply, at least one of his characters does, but the other personality in him wants to kill her.  Do you see how one character alone can have many conflicts within himself and this can transfer to others and other environments in the storyline? Have fun with it but still be safe for real!

On the other hand, the more clever, unique and "identifiable" your characters' traits are...with us as viewers/readers, etc...whether in personality, characteristics, struggles in life, etc., then the more we as an audience will empathize or sympathize with your characters and cling more to the story you've created.

Truly, Unique/Colorful characters stand out more than a quiet next door neighbor that never talks to anyone or takes any kind of adventurous trips.

In your BACKSTORY the MAIN "CHARACTER'S" TRAITS, CHARACTERISTICS, AS WELL AS HISTORICAL EVENTS that have taken place in their direct lives BEFORE the story begins is what you write in each backstory/character history!  Let the character traits dictate what the character will do, not do, like or not like, etc. This will help you as a writer to "know"/"determine" what type of things/situations make your characters "tick." For example, you as a writer may personally love chocolate, but, is one of your characters allergic to chocolate? Is there a scene in the story where they get lost in a chocolate factory and go ballistic and it interrupts them from reaching their goal? Their backstory that you create before you write the script and can update things in the midst of your script writing, gives you knowledge on how your character will react to things and people and behave the way their character traits will behave in certain situations in your story.

Though some backstories are short in length, the typical length for the major characters are 5-10 pages EACH, double-spaced on the page. This also includes some (but is not limited to) the main elements below:


Unique characteristics such as...Where were they born? Do they have parents? Both parents? Adopted? Foster child? Parents deceased? How did this affect them personally? Did the character kill their own their parents die or get killed? What? How old was the protagonist or antagonist at the time? How was his/her relationship with his/her family general or in particular? "Were" or "are" they rich? Poor? Educated? Uneducated?

Are they honest? Sneaky? Why? Are they selfish? Giving? Why? What caused them to do or not do such in life? BE CREATIVE WITH THESE TRAITS AND BACKGROUND STORIES!

Did someone very close to them "cross" them at some point in life? Was there ever an attempt for someone to take their life or vice versa? Did they have a major surgery, health problems, etc.? Do they presently have health issues? How does this cause conflict in their everyday life operations or in the operations of reaching their goal?

Make up a backstory that shapes your characters and make it really easy to understand audibly/verbally how they speak, how they react to numerous situations, why they avoid certain things, etc. in your story. Use traits from people you already know or have come across in life, even a few of your own traits from yourself directly...that are considered "unique".  Mix and match traits with people whom you know or have come across in life.  Be totally creative and have fun with it!

Make IMPERFECT characters/people or your characters will lose your audience’s interest. Make your characters individuals that we, the audience, will love (protagonist) or hate (antagonist)!

An example of unique characters includes: Forest Gump, Monk and Dr. House. This movie and these TV dramas have done very well because the characters are vividly unique from the average individual.

KEY SUPPORTING CHARACTERS can be neighbors, spouses, friends, co-workers, teachers, students, other hostages with your main protagonist(s) in a hold up, etc. etc.



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