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The Foundation

                                                                                              The Beginning

                                                                                                                                                                                              The Real


The first step which is KEY in any successful work for the movie screen, a book, the stage, for an office...is that it is FIRST WRITTEN DOWN! 

  • A Successful Business first has a Well Written Business Plan! 
  • A Successful Lesson Being Taught has a Well Written Lesson Plan!
  • For Entertainment...Music...TV...Film...Production..., as well, must FIRST HAVE IT WRITTEN DOWN IN THE CORRECT MANNER/FORMAT, TOO!!!  The Producers will be grateful and provide funds easier.  The Cast and Crew will flow smoother in production.  And on and on... 


Now that we have that stated, let's move on to, first, the FOUNDATION in this creative arena, THE SCRIPT!!!

CLICK HERE and let's start with the key elements...and then you'll be free to expand on your own from there!