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Every scene shot you've planned and executed are being fined tuned with the gifted Editor.  This includes the production shots, sound, effects, etc.  The communication with the actors, the notes you communicated with the Script Supervisor, the crew in general, etc. will be clearly seen in these images...in this final phase before releasing the material you've physically organized, to release to the audiences.

Reviewing your shots on the set and reviewing the captured shots on the dailies to use in the final production will prepare you for a more focused set of effective 'chosen shots' meetings before you communicate with the Editor. 

With things in order, the Producers, Talent, Crew...Production staff overall...will want to personally give you an award when you come to the editing room with which specific shots in each scene, noted by sympte time-code, etc. of what to have in the final edited footage (so that they can view their own footage as soon as possible!)  As well, it can be released to the audiences in time to bring in those desired profits!