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As the Director, the boss...on the production set, you will have the pleasure of:

  • Communicating with the DP on which camera shots you will have captured with the actors and scenery in each scene, set-up and coverage shots.
  • Communicating with the actors in what you see them doing on the screen and and their skills to express the tasks out on the camera and audience in the fullest.
  • Communicating with the Script Supervisor while he/she notes which shots/takes will be considered in editing (even marking the SMPTE time code) for further review.
  • Communicating with the editor ahead of time so he/she can perform the skilled tasks of placing the shots in the order needed and in a concise manner for review.

There Are times when:

  • Some locations will charge by the hour… Even when a location for shooting is free..."real life" interrupts...
  • Some of the cast or crew still have life to tend sleeping, eating, tending to their kids, etc. outside of work hours... Hey. It can even happen from your end, too.
  • It's so wonderful when the cast and crew understands this, as well, all within reason!

When you prepare the shots ahead of time and communicate this with the DP and Actors effectively, it eliminates extraneous hours from the actual production set. Director, with your keen sense of visual creativity as you bring the script to a realistic visual medium, note what specific camera shots will capture the actors in the rare/captivating form needed for this particular story. Still, plan on various angles to capture ample coverage!

Checking dailies daily keeps production time in a cool check!