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Is it your own software and system you will be using on this production? Is it software and hardware that the studio or production company already has, waiting in the office for you to utilize? Will this be done on a PC? A Mac? Final Cut Pro? Avid...Pinnacle? Adobe Premiere?... Make sure you have ample knowledge of the system you're working with. For example, you can be one of the top driving instructors for a driving school. You've been working on this and teaching this for years and years with automatic vehicles. This is the only type of vehicle that you've ever driven. Then, you walk into a company who has just hired you to train a long list of driving students who have been signed up for a long time and the list keeps building...but the only vehicles there, with the company's insurances and coverage are stick shifts! Ahhh! Research, set up, discuss, have in writing...set it all up ahead of time and it will be that much more of a breeze so you can navigate your tasks as smoothly as possible! In most cases you know or will determine which editing software you will use for the project.