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Locating the proper scenery can happen virtually anywhere!  When you're driving down a street, you will see it. Another person will hear what you're looking for and point you in the right direction. Other times, you can be reviewing information online, in libraries, within studios, etc. Whether a large high rise building is being used in the story, a college campus, a backyard, a park, a home, an amusement park, a museum, a store, outer space, another planet…even scenes of HEAVEN!...IF it is a location in the script, it is your wonderful honored responsibility to find it, rent it...and if it has to be created, then, whew, a set decorator will be in charge of this...but... you will be targeting in on the location where the Set Decorator will bring this location to life!

All the appropriate business and legal paperwork, insurances, etc. etc. will need to be put together, signed and delivered, etc. to CYB!—Actually, everyone’s B! Insurances are important. Typically, this is the Producer's responsibility. On some smaller productions, this can fall into your hands. Thanks for going the extra mile. This not only sets up a protection for the safety of the cast and crew and visitors, but it also will prompt those renting the location or the material out to you to make sure that everything in their set location is intact for anyone entering the premises or using their products! As well...those working with the production will already be alerted by the Producers on the shining examples they are destined to be, for the awesome production they will remember being a part of for years to come…winning awards, etc.!

Yes.  The paperwork must be done before you arrive at the location.