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Production Phases & Main Functions...


In the beginning of this phase of transforming your written creation to life, you already have your work copyrighted and/or registered with the WGA.  If you have original songs, you need to have these copyrighted and/or registered with ASCAP/BMI...  Products you will use in your production that are being “advertised” (product placement)...are in order.  You get the drift.  The "t’s" are crossed and "i’s" are dotted.

In this phase of the production, with a well polished script in which the crew, cast and everyone can follow clearly, you move on to bringing these pages to life.

Make it as easy as possible.  During this phase, your budget is determined; Producer(s), Director, Casting Director, Cast and Crew, etc. are chosen.  Get the paperwork in order for who will be brought aboard with your production.  Have contracts signed, dated, sealed, filed, with copies, backup, etc.
Conduct the auditions, have the rehearsals, and off you go.


Here is where you spend time in front of the camera, in costume, makeup, the whole shebang!  Camera operations, Sound operations, Talent, Crew, everyone is meeting for their scheduled call-times.
Make sure everything (equipment, costumes, makeup, props, etc.) is easily organized, in place, gets checked out correctly and checked back in each and every day.  The next day, when you have to pick up where you left off, it’s easy to put your, let’s say, “false teeth” back on, if your character requires it...Especially if close-ups (CUs) will be taken this day.  It has to be “believable”, right?

With the actors’ lines memorized, the Director and the crew knowing which shots and locations are to be recorded and when, it’s that much easier.  Don’t forget catering!

Have fun as you all make this story a living reality on the screen!


After the footage is captured with the actors, shots, sounds, etc., then it’s time to finalize the order of the footage with the right polished effects visually and audibly where needed.  As much as possible, have virtually everything that can be done before post, captured and recorded.  Here, you can just plug in the material when, where and how you want it.

Have your shot list ready so you (the director) and the editor can smoothly flow through this encumbering process.  This can go from being tedious to being an all out riot with lots of fun!  I know from experience.  Working with a skilled editor who will notice things that you or the script supervisor may have just happened to miss makes the final product even that much more creative and clever.  There was a time where I walked past the camera in one direction in a segment where I was the host/interviewer.  This particular show was set up in less than 24 hours. 

With that short of a planning phase, things were pretty close in the full coverage needed, but there was a portion that was not captured due to the lack of proper planning time.  Nevertheless, using my creative skills and working with the know-how of the editor, he changed the direction I was walking in that shot to make it seem like everything was continuous—and those two takes were done at different parts of the day.  But, when you open your mind to working outside of the box, you can come up with some fun things to put before the audiences and it looks continuous!

With your notes on which shots to consider and be open to other suggestions/options, with patience, this phase will finalize the beauty of your production.  THEN, you can show it to the audiences you wish!