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All of the furniture and scenery is set in place. Everything has been tested and retested to make sure it is all safe and secure. Is there any furniture or any handheld prop that any particular talent is allergic to? It's tremendously helpful to research and know this in advance. There was one actress on a production I worked with this year who could not work around a certain type of dust/dirt because of an illness she experienced with such in the past. Her character in this production was to be placed in the mud, the Swartkops! After bringing this to the production's attention, other materials had to be researched and brought in. Whew! This will not only keep the cast healthy, but also the crew, too! Getting the appropriate paperwork and system/operations is very helpful. Making sure all of the props are on hand and in a set place when it's called for, checked out and checked in, keeps everything at hand. How is the story's irate character going to use the Sweeney gun to shoot through the wall if they tossed it in a trunk in the last scene just the day before this and it was not put back with the other props.  And guess what?  That car was returned to the store that it was rented from.  It's always important to have a checklist of who, what, where, when, why, how AND, IS IT CHECKED BACK IN? Cool. Okay.