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Writing an effective script to be brought to life in entertainment production, though it takes much creative skill and work in writing the story effectively, it can be very fun and rewarding!  Get the detailed scoop on creating, organizing and putting your script together in our Pen It section!  This will teach you how to make a script that captivates the readers who will fund your project and later the audiences in the movie theater.  Don't forget to clearly express on the script pages what is only to be SEEN and HEARD on the screen before you begin to approach the production phase. 
If you have the money yourself to produce your written work, great!  OR, if you plan on a production company or studio producing your film and you need someone to negotiate a price for you IT'S VERY IMPORTANT that you seek an Agent, Manager or Entertainment Attorney who knows the business aspect of negotiating projects.  This way, you will not get paid only 'two cents' for your work that could be worth billions--okay, millions...or even a few-hundred-thousand.  Hey, some of our work seems priceless and we are so happy about it.  In the midst of it, don't get taken to the ringer.  As well...don't shoot beyond the stars into another universe for the price, either.  Agents and Entertainment Attorneys or Producer friends you may know can give you a heads up.